Your London Guaranteed Rent Specialists

Your London Guaranteed Rent Specialists

Landlords have a responsibility to keep their properties in good condition. This is necessary to safeguard the rights of tenants renting the premises, but it will also help to maximise rental value and profits. 

A clean, well-maintained property is important as it means that you, as the landlord, will be setting a high standard for cleanliness. This will encourage tenants to keep the property clean and encourage them to leave the place clean at the end of their tenancy. Potential tenants on viewings will also find a clean property more appealing – the environment will feel fresher, healthier, and more inviting, while tenants will be more likely to trust their landlord if they think the property is clean and well-presented. 

End of tenancy cleaning can be a mammoth task, and a time-consuming one. Yet it’s one that landlords must think about. As a landlord, there may always be the concern that the tenants will not leave the property in a good condition. Using a professional cleaning service can solve a lot of problems. If your property looks spotless, you’ll increase the chances of finding a tenant in a shorter space of time, which removes the risk of entering into a void period.

When hiring a cleaner, there are certain things to consider.

End of tenancy cleaning works for both parties. Landlords will have their property returned to them in immaculate condition ready for the new tenants, while the tenant will receive their deposit back in full with no disputes.

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