Your London Guaranteed Rent Specialists

Your London Guaranteed Rent Specialists

It is no secret that there is less demand for rented properties across the UK. With a worrying combination of job losses and general financial insecurity rising due to the pandemic, landlords are becoming increasingly worried about empty properties and rental arrears. But don’t worry! Our guaranteed rent scheme can help to take away all of the stress and hassle that renting a property brings, as well as offer you financial security and peace of mind. We can help to give you a regular guaranteed rental income, and eliminate many of the risks you face as a landlord, including empty properties, rental arrears, and evictions. 

Does this sound too good to be true? Well, we’ve put together an in-depth guide about the guaranteed rent scheme to show you that not only can you have all of this – you can have more! Read on to find out exactly what the scheme is, and what some of the advantages of the guaranteed rent scheme are for landlords.


What does a guaranteed rent scheme entail?

A guaranteed rent scheme is exactly what it says on the tin – a landlord will enter into a contract with a third-party company that will take control and manage their property. Effectively, the third party (usually a property management company or a letting agent) will become the landlord’s tenant and will pay a fixed monthly income to the landlord over a specified period of time. This will continue even if your property is empty or the tenant is in arrears or decides to stop paying – all of which we will sort out on your behalf. You really won’t have to worry about a thing! Here at Denhan’s, not only will we offer you a fixed monthly income, you can also enjoy other benefits including:

All you need to do is sit back and enjoy the perks of being a landlord, without any of the hard work! It really is that easy.

What are the advantages of guaranteed rent?

You can see that the main benefit from the guaranteed rent scheme speaks for itself, but what are the other advantages?

Timely, fixed, and secure payments

Obviously, the most important advantage of the guaranteed rent scheme is guaranteed rent. Instead of the tenant paying the landlord directly, the third party will pay the landlord a set figure at the same time each month – regardless of whether the property is filled or vacant. This means that landlords don’t have to chase rent and they don’t have to deal with the stress and hassle that comes with missed or late payments from tenants. You can sit back in the knowledge that you will be paid – each and every month.

No empty periods:

Void periods can be very costly for landlords – you are maintaining a property and having to pay additional bills and council tax with no monthly rent to cover it, especially if your property is empty for long periods of time! The guaranteed rent scheme ensures that you will be paid each month, even if your property is empty. It also increased the chances of finding tenants thanks to our extensive marketing and advertising, so you are less likely to have empty periods.

advantages of guaranteed rent scheme

No stress:

As a landlord, it is likely that you will have to maintain and look after your properties as the years go by. This can sometimes mean late-night phone calls with emergencies, or tenants getting in touch with general property maintenance requests. If you sign up for our guaranteed rent scheme then you won’t have to worry about spending time and money in managing and maintaining your property. We will take care of everything, no matter how large or small the problem is.

No more utility costs:

Another brilliant advantage of the guaranteed rent scheme is no more utility costs! You won’t have to worry about covering the costs if your property is in between tenants or empty – your third-party company will make sure they cover everything. All additional expenses including council tax, property bills, and any costs associated with finding new tenants will all be covered by Denhan’s. See- it really is too good to be true!

No legal hassles:

When you enter into our guaranteed rent contract, you won’t have to worry about navigating muddy waters or health and safety regulations. We will sort out everything for you, and make sure that your property is fully compliant and up to date. We will also sort out the legalities concerning rent arrears and evictions if required – we really do take everything off your hands!

Full Confidence:

Knowing that you will be receiving a rental income each month is a huge relief for many landlords and property owners. Our guaranteed rent scheme means that you can relax and take the weight off your shoulders whilst we do all of the hard work, knowing that your property is in good hands. 

The benefits of signing up to the guaranteed rent scheme cannot be overlooked. As a landlord, you get a reliable source of income with little expectation on yourself to manage the property or the tenant. You can sit back and enjoy peace of mind whilst you are safe in the knowledge you will be receiving a fixed monthly income – what is not to like?

How does the guaranteed rent scheme work?

Here at Denhan, you can expect the process of signing up to the scheme to include:

It really is that simple! Why would you put all the unnecessary stress on yourself when we can do all of the hard work for you?

Deal for guaranteed rent scheme

Why choose Denhan?

If you are looking for one of the best property management companies in London, then look no further! Here at Denhan, we want to make sure that you enjoy our flexible leasing options and receive the best possible rent to achieve a return on your portfolio – you are our main concern. In a crowded rental market, you need to be sure that you can trust your property management company, and we have the expertise, knowledge and skills to give you that peace of mind. You can enjoy a fixed monthly income, whilst we deal with all of the other stressful elements – perfect for those first-time landlords who are unsure, or those who already have an extensive portfolio and want someone they can trust to run them. Our aim is to give you the most from your investment, and keep all the stress at bay.

Whether you are looking for guaranteed rent, property management, local expertise, or simply after some more information, then speak to our friendly team today.

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