Your London Guaranteed Rent Specialists

Your London Guaranteed Rent Specialists

Our guaranteed rent service is the perfect solution for landlords who want to let their property without any hassle, ensuring regular rental income and flexible property management.

As a guaranteed rent company in Wandsworth, our mission is to give landlords the opportunity to generate a secure and regular income from their property without the worry that the income will vanish without warning if tenants move on leaving the property empty, or suffer a change of circumstances which makes them unable to pay their rent on time. With us as their guaranteed rent letting agent, Wandsworth property owners experience the security and peace of mind that goes with knowing that your income is assured, whatever happens.

Uncertainty has always been an integral part of renting out property, especially domestic letting. However with us as their letting agents, Wandsworth property owners have all of the property management tasks – finding and vetting potential tenants to ensure they are suitable, maintenance and collecting rent, for example – lifted from their shoulders.  Because we are also able to guarantee exactly how much monthly rental income a landlord will receive for the duration of our agreement guaranteed rent for landlords in Wandsworth takes the worry out of the property market.

Guaranteed rent for landlords In Wandsworth really does mean exactly that. If a tenant fails to settle their rent on time – whatever the reason might be – we guarantee that the landlord will still be paid on time and in full. With two decades of experience managing property in London we know how stressful being a landlord can be, so we like to do what we can to remove those worries by taking the uncertainty out of being a landlord.

Is the guaranteed rent scheme available for both residential and commercial properties in Wandsworth?

Our guaranteed rent scheme in Wandsworth is designed for domestic landlords who have a residential property or properties which they wish to make available to tenants. Currently the scheme does not apply to commercial properties.

Are there any additional benefits or incentives for landlords who join the guaranteed rent scheme in Wandsworth?

As a guaranteed rent company in Wandsworth, we over much more than just guaranteed rent – although that is a powerful benefit in its own right. We also maintain that your property is occupied most of the time, which is an important way of ensuring a property remains in good condition. We also remove the need for landlords to find and vet their tenants.

Will I still need to maintain the property if I am part of this scheme?

One of the many advantages of guaranteed rent for landlords in Wandsworth is the way the scheme can take all of the property management headaches off your plate. Obviously the property will still need to be maintained, but with us as their guaranteed rent estate agent Wandsworth landlords can leave all of that to us and our team of skilled trades people.

What are the costs associated with a guaranteed rent scheme?

As your guaranteed rent estate agent in Wandsworth we work hard to keep your costs as low as possible. There will be the maintenance costs that you would expect as a property owner but you will be able to rely on a solid, regular income from your property each and every month of the agreement – and of course we share 0% commission so you keep more of the money your property generates.